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CHIGO Myanmar:51.8% of China Exports!No.1 for 6 Years!
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Recently, the 12th Anniversary Celebration of CHIGO Myanmar and the 2019 National Distributors Conference was held in Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar. More than 650 CHIGO Myanmar dealers and distributors participated in the event.

On the day of the meeting, the flags of CHIGO were flying from the main road 100 meters away to the hotel, which made the participants felt the enthusiasm of CHIGO from afar!


At the meeting, leader of Myanmar exclusive agent introduced in his speech that it has been 12 years cooperating with CHIGO since 2006. As a demonstration area for the promotion of brands, CHIGO’s market share in Myanmar has ranked No.1 for 6 consecutive years! In addition, according to 2018 China customs data, CHIGO exports to Myanmar account for 51.8% of China’s total exports to Myanmar!Thanks to all the partners for their efforts in the 12 years of market cultivation, CHIGO's brand, products and services have entered thousands of households and gained a good reputation. In 2019, CHIGO will enhance its market competitiveness with the best products, the best platform and the best services, so that the product experience will better enter the terminal and seize a larger market share.

In the awarding session of the conference, there were 52 dealers with outstanding achievements won the cash prize of “2018 Excellent Dealer”.Many cheers were heard from the audience!What's more, a series of lucky draws were held during the dining process, gifts ranged from air conditioners to fans and microwave ovens, directly turned the conference into a "show" of CHIGO products. Attendees who successfully won the "Air Conditioning Award" were very excited. Some dealers even took the initiative to become "salesmen" and recommended products to new franchisees. 

"The climate in our country is very hot.CHIGO air-conditioner has a satisfying performance.It can rapidly cool down and air volume is sufficient ,which accurately catches the market demand and will certainly sell well."

“A year’s plan starts with spring”, Myanmar’s annual national distributor conference was chosen at this time because it was the golden period of market share, channel resources and customer confidence. Reviewing on 2018, looking forward to 2019, CHIGO Myanmar will blow the horn of the new year with a firmer conviction and a more high-spirited attitude, becoming the strongest competitor in the Myanmar market!