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Bombshell! Top 500 China Brands Revealed
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Recently, review committee of Top 500 China Brands revealed the 11th top 500 China brands.Guangdong CHIGO Air Conditioning Co.,Ltd. was listed among the top 500 China brands with HUAWEI, ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), Alibaba, China Mobile, Sinopec etc. by right of its powerful brand influence and continuous outstanding market performance. From 2014 to 2017, CHIGO brand value has increased from 10.521 billion yuan to 17.095 billion yuan, totally about 62% in percentage in 4 year, ranking it no. 264 among China brands.

It is said that selection activity for the 11th top 500 China brand was held by Brand Insight magazine and more than 200 China domestic relevant institutions jointly. The evaluation system has included several most important core examination indexs, such as operation revenue, operation profit, industry attributes, industry status, brand history…The list is also fit with the international brand evaluation standards. Every standard can be evaluated on the basis of profession.

As one of the four top air conditioning manufacturing companies, CHIGO has been marching towards position of high-end leader remarkably since its release of new brand strategy in 2014. CHIGO wins 12 year accredited endorsement with international super star Jackie Chan, overall intellectual layout of air conditioner products, high-end conferences promotion, championed many time in various competion by CHIGO products and sevices,

etc..These strategic measures has gained CHIGO superior brand charm in the industry.

In addition, based on excellent gene in CHIGO brand and strong brand confidence, oriented by the idea of ‘CHIGO, High-end leader of air conditioner’, CHIGO has carried out a series of attractive brand promotion events in these years, which were recorded and broadcasted by more than 300 mainstream authoritative medias around the country, like People’s Daily, the Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, CNR (China National Radio). These high-end medias continuously transmitedCHIGO brand and helped to deepen its brand image. 

On April 19, 2017, China Manufacturing Innovation Development Forum ---‘To make China manufacturing great again’ was held in the Beijing Great Hall. CHIGO signed with Jackie Chan for a 10-year endorsement, which was marked as a pioneer in the developing history of China brands as well as global brands. The forum, which was initiated by CHIGO, also advocated that we should not only promote CHIGO brand to a brand-new high, but also try to set as a flag for China manufacturing industry.

As actions to upgrade the brand internationally, CHIGO advertised on the New York Times Square for 3 times, raced with World 1st class brands such as Coca Cola, Fedex in the USA NASCAR competion, the Spanish La copa de Rey yachting race. CHIGO is showing out its new brand connotation of ‘High-tech, high image, high standard, high services, high quality, high value’to the world. Throughthree-dimensional high-end operation, CHIGO is realizing its overall upgrade of global high-eng brand, and which will help CHIGO be equal enough to the new value of ‘made in china’. 

As the founder Mr.Li said, Brand is the source of our common career and prospective fortune. Product is root, marketing is blood, brand is soul. CHIGO will keep insisting on craftsman spirits in the coming future. Let’s build and strengthen high-end brand ecosphere and realize the transformation from ‘China product’ to ‘China brand’, even to ‘world brand’. Let’s make China manufucturing great again!