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2018 CHIGO Kazakhstan Dealer Conference Held Grandly
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With the acceleration and mutual integration of the three strategies of high-end, intelligent, globalization, the layout of CHIGO 's overseas markets has further speeded up. On November 30, CHIGO’ s Kazakhstan dealers gathered in its headquarter in Foshan to participate in the 2018 CHIGO Kazakhstan Dealer Conference, discussed the marketing plan for 2018 together.

Li Xinghao, Board Chairman & President of Chigo Group, extended his warmest welcome and sincere greetings to the dealers who have come a long way from Kazakhstan. On the conference, Li focused on stating how to improve Chigo’s competitiveness in oversea market and where to go with strategic cooperation. He pointed that, CHIGO’ s future works also put stress on “supply, technology, quality and cost competitiveness”. “We wish to work together with all of you to create a global business community, an interest community and a wealth community, and realize the long-lasting cooperation and long-term success.”

On the conference, CHIGO gave on-site commendations to Kazakhstan's dealers and employee who had the most outstanding performance and excellent contributions in 2017. The Kazakhstan branch was founded in 2015. After 2 years’ promotion, the sales network has covered the whole of Kazakhstan."Everyone who buys and uses the CHIGO products has a good feedback. Even when there is a need for maintenance, we can also reach the scene to solve the problem as soon as possible, and our customers are very satisfied." According to the introduction of Kazakhstan's dealers, CHIGO is a high-end brand and the market share of it grows year on year thanks to not only CHIGO’ s high- quality products, but also high- quality service. "Rapid response and high standard of service have made CHIGO famous in Kazakhstan."

In recent years, through the close cooperation with local agents and distributors, the global strategy of Chigo has continued to deepen, and the construction of CHIGO brands has drawn much attention from the industry. The dealers in Kazakhstan have also started advertising campaigns in the media.Through building websites, launching street signs, car radio advertisements, decoration of dealer stores and internet promotion, etc., they set off a boom of promoting CHIGO brand. According to the manager of Kazakhstan branch, "We pay more attention to brand reputation than other brand agency, our dealers are more willing to do marketing promotion and maintain the brand image. This kind of CHIGO spirit, silent dedication without return, profession and focus, is our advantage."

Dealers also visited the factories, exhibition halls, laboratory of CHIGO to know more about the air-conditioning manufacturing and processes as well as enterprise culture. After seeing so many CHIGO products, Smart King 200 and 91 type, commercial aircons, home appliances and overseas customized products, one of the dealers said, “ I am fully aware of the latest technology, the best products and the greatest support that CHIGO has shown. All these things I saw strengthen my confidence of future cooperation with CHIGO.”