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CHIGO sparkles in the BIG 5 with competitive products strategy
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 This effectively solves the problem of limited spaceof our outdoor unit installation in the local construction project.said customers from Saudi Arabia.

On November 26th ~29th, together with its intelligent Cloud air conditioning, customized home air conditioner and window type AC ect.,CHIGO sparkles in the International Building& Construction Show ( BIG 5 show) again. The BIG show, which was founded in 1980, is the largest and most influential buildings,construction materials and service exhibition in the Middle East. During the 4-days exhibition, more than 3000 exhibitors from 70 countries in the world exhibit their latest technology and  products. To demonstrate the strength of manufacturing with its strong product line, CHIGO, undertakes the mission of “Making the best air conditioning in the world”, also takes advantage of BIG 5, the international exchange platform to convey the breakthrough in intelligence, comfort and health of air conditioner manufacturing to consumers all over the world. 

In recent years, the rapid development of the construction market in the Middle East has stimulated the demand of related products such as construction equipment, construction material, engineering machinery. The requirements of home air conditioning for users also changed from a single cost performance to the multi-demand-oriented combination of the cost performance, energy conservation and comfort. 

In this exhibition, the remote control, intelligent diagnosis, upgrade and other related functions made by the Smart series air conditioning, attracted many customers to visit the CHIGO’s booth. These aircons, which can not only “think “, but also “grow “, amazed them greatly. The T3 operating aircon, specially designed for the high temperature climate area in the Middle East, and the 150, 170, 174 wall split type aircons, covered the advantages of large air volume, fast cooling, high temperature resistance, energysaving, and ultra quiet, were highly approved by the customers. 

In addition, CHIGO’ s main sales 18000BTU window type aircon, known for its quality and advanced design, covers a very small footprint when meets the need of high efficiency,"This effectively solves the problem of limited space of our outdoor unit installation in the local construction project", said customers from Saudi Arabia.

As one of the world's three entrepot trade centers, Dubai is also an important hub for the construction of "the Belt and Road ". The 2017 Dubai Global Distributor Conference, the BIG 5 show, in which CHIGO has participated for many times are all important measures for CHIGO to focus on its brand internationalization, accelerate the layout of overseas markets. 

This time, thanks to the intelligence strategy and quality products, such as Smart series,customized aircon, CHIGO also sparkles in the BIG 5 show. Besides, CHIGO has vigorously promoted its own brands in the Middle East through advertising and proactive agents supporting to occupy the dominant market and enhance its global competitiveness.