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Chigo held 2018 Global Distributor Conference successfully
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What may be on your mind when talking about “Bali”?

Will it be sunshine, golden beach, blue seawater,or the coziness and comfortable?

On the isle located in 8 degree of south latitude, are there not only beach, blue sea, tropical sunshine, but pastoral scenery, forest,prairie and rapids into ravine, which is distinguished from other ones in Southern East Asia. Six Volcanoes are in one straight line. The bestway to enjoy the beauty and food is to roam around the romantic beach and to watch sunsets while enjoying delicious dishes on the resort with turquoise water lapping at a white and sandy beach.

However,surprise is more than that. It is said “Geographic distance will never separate those sharing the same ideals”. Bali saw the holding of 2018 Chigo Global Distributor Conference with its topic“Hands together Progress tomorrow” on 3rd, November. The conference welcomed more than 300 oversea agents and dealers of Chigo from Europe, America, Central Asia, Southern East Asia,Australia and other areas and countries.

Under the blue sky of Bali’s sunshine beach, we gathered with our friends and partners in the distribution and supply chain all over the world. It is the second time that Chigo holds its Global Distributor Conference oversea after the 2017 global conference held in the Oriental Venice, Dubai . New surprise was brought to there again!

The whole-series products exported were displayed on the four modules in exhibition hall. It brought the best experience of intelligent interaction to our guests. All of our oversea friends were impressed by “ Chigo, leader of high-end air conditioner”.

On the conference, Li Xinghao, Board Chairman & President of Chigo Group, focused on stating how to improve Chigo’s competitiveness in oversea market and where to go with strategic cooperation. Mr Li also laid stress on “supply, technology, quality and cost competitiveness” for future works. His words and promises show Chigo brand’s great confidence as Chigo brand have seen its oversea influence improved gradually with the execution and progress of “Globalization”.

Oversea Marketing Stategic Plan,International Brand Strategic,and Product Strategic Plan were stated. This time, we’d like to bring our global partners the great ways to expand market, our effort to manage brand, our most advanced product and core technology, and the champion spirit of “striving for success”.

Agents from the US, Russia, and Kuwait made speeches in turn. It is owing to the joint efforts in the whole value chain of Chigo that the effort and pleasure brought by Chigo is passed on to thousands of millions of family from all over the world.

On the conference, Chigo awarded the excellent agents and distributors who have had the most outstanding performance in the last refrigerator year.

Now, Chigo’s business has been expanded to over 200 countries and areas. And “Chigo” trademark has been registered in over 150 countries. Chigo’s own brand has take up great market shares In the Middle East, Southern East Asia, Central Asia, Western Asia, Western Africa, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia. Relying on excellent quantity and International leading technology, Chigo’s brand has enjoyed extensive trust from global customers.


Change is Going.

Every improvement and change pushes Chigo forward.

We are perpetual friends once we start our cooperation.

As Li Xinghao, founder of Chigo group said, if we have integrated and penetrated ourselves into the global market by then we could truly expand our worldwide business and benefit our partners!


In the future, handing together with more and more global partners, Chigo will firmly be engaged in createa global business community, an interest community and a wealth community, so as to spread Chigo brand’s charm worldwide and make Chigo a representative of “Made in China” in the world, a world-class enterprise.